Strategy and Research

It is difficult to achieve commercial success without specifying the purpose and defining the relevant directions of the company, product, service or local government units. It is a laborious and very important process, so it is important to find an experienced partner. For years, we has been creating tailor-made strategies, based on the results of market research and analysis, accurate and reliable , which were translated into success.

The strategy includes, among others:

  • developing and conducting qualitative and quantitative research
  • analysis of results
  • analysis of the company ( business characteristics, vision, mission and strategic objectives, SWOT, USP, marketing – mix, organizational structure )
  • analysis of product group
  • analysis of the group, in terms of identification of the final purchaser/s, the importance of the factors affecting the purchase, etc.
  • examination and analysis of competitive SWOT, areas of activity, USP, communication and sales, ambient proximal and distal
  • strategy along with recommended marketing-mix aactions
  • operational plan including budget and schedule