PR and ePR

We conduct Public Relations and e-PR activities for companies, brands, and local governments, building and maintaining the desired image in the long-term, good relations with the environment, including journalists, opinion leaders, investors, shareholders, employees, the local community. We know how to reach them effectively and make information from our clients a thrilling story to their audience.

Excellent knowledge of journalists, years of experience and the use of the latest PR tools are our undoubted strengths. Thanks to them, we know how to effectively create image of our clients, promote and support the growth in demand for their services and products.

In terms of PR and e-PR, we offer:

  • PR and communication strategies
  • Media relations in all media , ie internet, newspaper, TV, radio
  • company blog, expert
  • Corporate PR
  • Internal PR
  • Product PR
  • PR crisis
  • Investor Relations
  • Running the press office
  • Lobbying
  • CSR
  • VIP Points
  • Training and media training
  • Monitoring the media